IRS Employee Training Harms Taxpayers - Michael Smeriglio

Inadequate Training of IRS Employees Harms Taxpayers, Creates IRS Rework, and Erodes IRS Employee Morale

Article Published by: As part of my recently released Annual Report to Congress, I identified IRS employee training as one of the Most Serious Problems facing taxpayers. It may seem counterintuitive that an internal issue such as training could be a most serious problem for taxpayers;...

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What date are taxes due 2018? - Michael Smeriglio

When are taxes due 2018?

Article Published by: Good on you. It’s still February and you’re already asking when are taxes due 2018. You’ve probably already received some tax forms in the mail from your employer, bank, maybe a student loan company. But it all keeps trickling in, and you’re not...

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