Mayhew Tools To Sponsor Woody Pitkat With Various Modified Efforts Michael Smeriglio

Mayhew Tools To Sponsor Woody Pitkat With Various Modified Efforts


Woody Pitkat of Stafford Springs, Ct is rarely at a loss for words but when the three time champion at the Stafford Motor Speedway found out that Mayhew Tools would be sponsoring his Modified Racing series, Tri-Track series and The Modified Touring series efforts, Woody was extra chatty.

“I am so excited with the addition of Mayhew Tools to our 2017 racing schedule. It’s awesome to see what they have done with Doug Coby on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour this year and what they did with Bob Garbarino and Jimmy Blewett last season.” Woody said recently.

“I am thrilled to see what they are doing with the modified cars whether it be the modified tour or one of the other modified series, they must figure that it is their best interest to be a part of modified racing and we are happy that they have chosen us to be a part of this season.”

Dan Stebbins, car owner of the #52 modified is equally thrilled with the sponsorship and what it means.

“We are definitely thrilled with our affiliation with Mayhew Tools. They are a local company and have had been a big name in Western Massachusetts for a long time. Anytime you have a local company with a national name step up, it’s a big deal.”

Stebbins says they plan on running all of the Tri-Track series races, 5-6 of the Modified Racing series and 8-10 of the Modified Touring series races.

“There sponsorship enables us to pursue more races and hopefully get Mayhew Tools into Victory Lane.”

For Mayhew Tools president John Lawless, he too, is equally excited about the fit.

“This is a natural extension for us. Our brand name is well known in the automotive industry. We want to expand and reinforce our reputation in the market place and we believe this will help us. We are a Made in America Company and can’t wait to see Woody in action.”

Lawless said that while they are relatively new to the sport, they see the love for the sport and the best part, it’s local.

“To be part of not only the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour but to now be able to be in the other modified series, we feel that we have all of those fans covered.” Lawless said adding, “We are one of the oldest tool companies in the country and we are there for not only the professional mechanic but the serious do it yourself.”

Pitkat is of the belief that if they have been around since 1856, they must know what they are doing.

“You look at how many companies come and go, but there is Mayhew Tools, still producing high quality tools after all these years, it says a lot about them and the high standards they have. I just hope that we are able to produce the results that will get them the best exposure possible.” Woody said.

When Pitkat was asked if he and good friend and competitor, Doug Coby might have a contest to see who can get the most wins for Mayhew Tools, Woody just laughed.

“You look at how tough Doug has been on the modified tour, it would be very hard to go against him but it would be fun as far as the most wins. I know that would be great for Mayhew Tools, regardless of who wins.”

Lawless said he is excited about getting to the track and seeing everything he has heard about, especially the passion.

“The biggest thing that people tell me is the passion that not only these drivers, crews and fans have for the sport and that the modified people might be the most passionate around in short track racing.”

So as the 2017 season kicks off, Mayhew Tools will be found regardless of the modified series and they are hoping to see Woody Pitkat in Victory lane many times during the season.

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